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Bring Your Compliance into the 21st Century

As your partner in OSHA and HIPAA, we leverage human expertise and modern technology to provide comprehensive regulatory compliance for medical and dental practices.

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What We Believe

We Help Practices Modernize Compliance

Compliance is more than a checkbox, it’s an investment in your practice’s success. A strong compliance program ensures your patients and employees are protected, and your practice is prepared for whatever tomorrow brings. As your partner, we help modernize your compliance program to leverage technology for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Us

Technology Powered By Experts

Powerful Technology

Modernize compliance with a management platform that visualizes your program, streamlines processes, and organizes data.

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Human Expertise

Get help every time you need it with on-call support for your practice.

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Extraordinary Support

Get the help you need, whenever you need it from compliance experts with decades of experience.

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Risk Mitigation

Up-to-date compliance ensures your practice avoids fines, wasted time and legal obstacles.

Our Accomplishments

Training and Risk Assessments
Written Policies
Incident Response
Success Rate
What we do

Our Services

OSHA Consultation & Education

Navigate OSHA regulations with confidence through our comprehensive compliance program. Equip your practice with the training, knowledge, and tools to maintain a safe and productive workplace

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HIPAA Consultation & Education

Simplify the complexities of HIPAA with our comprehensive compliance program. Understand how to protect the privacy and security of patient information to remain compliant with legal requirements.

Jinesh Patel
CEO and Co-Founder
Uptime Health
We were looking for an expert to help provide a more robust compliance solution for our clients. Angela has been an integral part of our growth and development. Her knowledge and expertise around regulatory and healthcare compliance are unmatched. We are extremely excited to have her support as we continue to grow our solution.
Leslie Chiorazzi
Managing Partner

CMIT Solutions

Angela’s knowledge of HIPAA and cyber security related compliance establishes her as an authority in our space. She works diligently to ensure that her clients are protected. Simmons Safe is a valued partner, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with Angela and her team in the coming years.

Samantha Strain
Partner & Chief Development Officer
HealthStream Ventures

We are constantly working towards the highest level of compliance possible for the DSOs we are partnered with, which is why we work with Angela Simmons and the team at Simmons Safe. Angela and her team are leaders in dental regulatory compliance, and provide the most comprehensive solutions available.

Ella Leach
Clinical Coordinator

Lightwave Dental

Over the last year, we have worked with Angela and her team, and it has already made a huge impact on our business. The amount of time we save working with Angela and her team is priceless. I can call Angela at the drop of a hat and ask for something, her response every time is yes, we will make it happen.

Peter MacLaren
Director of Business Development

Bluelight Analytics

We are absolutely thrilled to join forces with Angela and the team at Simmons Safe, a recognized and leading authority in regulatory compliance. With their unwavering commitment to advanced technology and innovative solutions, they consistently prioritize and enable practices to achieve the highest levels of compliance.

Karla-Marie Santiago Melendez
Director of Procurement
Simmons Safe has been vital in helping our team understand the regulatory frameworks and their implications for our practices. Angela’s knowledge and expertise in the field of dental regulatory compliance is exceptional. We are grateful to her and her team for their help as we establish our internal compliance programs.

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